The OECD entrusts Keepeek with the distribution of more than 55,000 publications

the oecd entrusts keepeek with the distribution of more than 55 000 publications On the day of the opening of the OECD Forum, it was announced that its flagship publications are set to become available on the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development decided to partner up with Keepeek Digital Asset Management in order to find an online solution for all its publications. This means that its economic analyzes are now accessible not only on personal computers but on tablets and smartphones. So why not discover the most-visited OECD publications on your mobile?

Automating publication on mobile devices

publication automation on mobile supports Keepeek 360° technology automates the transformation process of documents and makes them accessible on mobile devices. With several hundred daily updates, the industrialization of production is a key plus.

Multi-format publications

PDF documents, Word and even Excel statistics – all these publishing formats have now been made available to users on the move. The HTML 5 player from Keepeek ensures high compatibility between a range of platforms. Document processing technology for mobile formats has been extensively studied by The R&D teams at Keepeek. With global access and over 50,000 visits from day one, Keepeek has integrated its Digital Asset Management solution with a CDN (Content Delivery Network). This service allows you to duplicate data across the globe whilst ensuring optimized access speed. New York, Paris, Beijing and Tokyo, all users benefit from speedy, uninterrupted access.

The latest generation document reader

A last generation document reader Keepeek has designed a new type of online player which allows users to visualize all types of documents from their mobile devices. This system is based on HTML5 and jQuery technology. In line with Keepeek tools, this new device is particularly simple and intuitive to use. Browsing with fingers, zooming, changing direction, the reader takes into account all types of optimization for mobiles. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive a presentation of the Digital Asset Management mobile software from Keepeek!

Consultation statistics on a page-by-page basis

The new Keepeek reader allows you to discover the most viewed pages in a document. With this advanced statistics mechanism, it is so simple to analyze trends and the most popular pages.

Publish your business documents on mobile devices and tablets.

Do you want to benefit from the Keepeek platform and publish your documents, brochures, images and videos on mobile devices? If so, go ahead and contact our team of experts now!