The religions of the world photographed by Godong and hosted by Keepeek

the religions of the world photographed by godong and hosted by keepeek Godong is an agency specialized in religious photography. Its managers sought an efficient working tool which would enable them to both host and sell their photographs via a simple and user-friendly portal. The Digital Asset Management tool, Keepeek 360°, was found to correspond perfectly to the expectations and constraints of this professional photography team. Offering a wide variety of religious photographs, Godong wanted to allow a verticalized target, including end customers and image banks, the opportunity to discover its rich and colorful world. Driven by the desire to unveil the religious wonders of the world and correlated events to the general public, the agency hoped to find a tool which could act as a bridge between it and its clients. And so, Godong turned to Keepeek and its simple and intuitive Digital Asset Management solution to centralize and host its photographic collection. Beyond the implementation of the Keepeek solution, a library dedicated to religion presents unique features: the quality of indexing is a crucial issue if the portal is to function correctly. Indeed, the accuracy of defined religious terminology has a significant impact on how portal clients search for photographs. Keywords play a catalyst role how a client uses the library – from the selection of those files that interest them to purchases made. In addition to this, in order for the portal to be easily accessed by a majority of users, it has been developed in both the French and English languages, thus facilitating search, selection and control options. Finally, a further major advantage complements portal operability: the ability to transfer large files to image banks. Photographers are very often forced to work remotely – yet the Keepeek tool optimizes and automates the transfer of large volumes of files quickly and easily while allowing photographers to save a significant amount of time. This means photographers can use and have access to the portal easily… no matter where they are situated and no matter how many pictures they want to upload.