With Keepeek, enjoy your meetings… in replay

The limitations of remote meetings in real time

Working from home has given us the occasion to widely discover remote meetings thanks to online conferencing platforms. In the last few weeks, Teams & Skype (Microsoft), Meet (Google) or Zoom have become essential.

Once limited to a few users at a time, these solutions now allow many participants to meet online.

However, some limitations remain, especially in terms of organization:

– participants are invited daily to dozens of virtual meetings, making it difficult to schedule meeting where every stakeholder will be available.

– participants become stressed out when a meeting is late or lasts too long.

– people come and go with no hello or goodbye, upsetting the organizer

in many cases, the participants are just invited to listen, purely for information purposes. The meeting is led by the presenter with few interactions.

For these participants, the complexities of attending meetings in real time one after the other are not worth the benefits they get from them. In fact:

–   they hardly need to attend in real time.

–   they do not need to be there for the whole meeting, often they are only interested in specific topics.

–   They switch the microphone off and do something else anyway.

For them, attending in real time is not vital, and this is why we suggest they access the meeting afterwards.

Record the meetings, yes but… 

Most platforms offer to record the meetings. The organizer has the ability to receive a link to download the generated video once the meeting is over.

This link can be communicated to the participants to view it later.

However, these videos are just temporarily saved, and the link may not always be easily accessible. Moreover, these videos are usually saved in the user’s personal space. It may even be a free or test account, which could be risky.

Keepeek offers a simple solution for your meeting replays

Your Keepeek platform becomes the platform to store, organize and share your videos, indefinitely.

The beneficts:

–   You benefit from the powerful tools available in Keepeek to organize and index your meetings.

–   Thanks to the search engine and the filters, it is very simple to find the videos. You may even search upon a chapter title.

–   You allow any user to create their own private space where they can store the videos independently.

–   You can take advantage of the chaptering feature to give direct access to the part of the meeting in which they are really interested.

–   Your users can choose the viewing speed to optimize their time.

–   You benefit from auto-adaptative streaming, giving your users the ability to view the videos on computer, tablet or smartphone.

–   You can use private or public sharing links that you can activate, deactivate or protect by password.

–   You access video viewing statistics, as well as attendee retention (to check when participants stop watching).

–   You may add subtitles in one or several languages.

How does it work?

If you already own a Keepeek platform

Once the video is over, you can download the video from the link sent by your videoconferencing tool and upload the video in Keepeek.

You can upload it in the folder tree to store it for the long run or just upload it in a user basket to restrict its dissemination to a specific group of people.

Two sharing options are available depending on your needs: public sharing for a simple dissemination or the collaborative sharing to allow comments and communication with viewers.

Public sharing

From your basket, just go in the public sharing tab and activate it. You may limit the dissemination according to a specific period and/or protect the link with a password.

Users only need to click on the generated link to view the video and benefit from the Keepeek features (streaming, chapters, etc.)

Collaborative sharing

Activate the collaborative sharing and invite the meeting participants.

Each person can then view the video and comment it on specific time codes or in general.

If you do not own a Keepeek platform

This is an issue easy to solve, contact us to get a test account!

The feedback about replay at Keepeek

At Keepeek, we have been using our platform for the past five years to provide meeting replays to our employees.

Product demos

We started storing meeting videos with the product demos made at the end of each development sprint. These replay videos have been especially useful to our sales team. They have been able to discover the new features even if they could not attend the demo!


We have extended this good practice to our webinars so that our clients and users could enjoy new feature presentations whenever they like.

Technology intelligence

We also store technology intelligence videos, so that every member of the Keepeek staff can discover new products or use cases identified by others.

Internal communication

Replays are now being used throughout our organization:

– bug declaration: video screenshots with voice-over

– weekly address from our director since the lockdown

– internal meetings (BBL, team meetings, continuous improvement workshops, etc. )

Features optimized for video

Keepeek offers many features to optimize the management and dissemination of videos. Contact us to get a demo!