New Extension – Stop wasting time on YouTube

All the marketing trends tell you to produce videos. Storing them in your DAM is great, but Keepeek goes beyond and makes it now possible to pilot your YouTube channels directly from your DAM

Producing videos: nice promises… 

Impossible to miss the news: all the marketing and communication websites offer advice about producing videos. Infographics with seducing figures, webpages giving recommandations on how to write a video brief or cheaply produce short films are all over the Internet.

… but beware!

This is all very relevant, of course, but once you have produced and stored your videos in a DAM, you may face some issues:

– the update: a mistake and you have to start all over again… hoping your computer will have enough power to let you work while uploading the new version of your latest production.

– the indicators: you did it! All your films are online on YouTube, links added to social media, embedded code included in your website and blog pages. Now you only need to show how successful your campaign is with the figures! Not so simple! You have to go and check on each video the number of likes, views and comments to get the statistics you need…

– the rights management: you have acquired usage rights for a film for one, two or x months or years. Once these rights have expired, leaving the video online can become costly! You will have to remember to remove the films from where they are published as their rights are up…

What Keepeek can do

To simplify dissemination, Keepeek offers a whole new extension which interacts with one or more YouTube channels.

You no longer need to upload your videos on your DAM and on YouTube, publication of your videos is synchronized! You can send videos on YouTube, together with all or part of its information (title, tags, categories) in a couple of clicks!

The update, removal or exposure, all is centralized on the Keepeek interface.

Do you need to view the statistics to measure the video performance? Access the Keepeek dashboard listing all the published videos to get the number of likes, views and comments they received on YouTube.

Manage your channels directly from Keepeek! No need to go through YouTube Studio!

Keep control over who publishes where: you can specify which users can publish on which channel(s), while giving no access to logins and passwords.

Simple and user-friendly

More info? A demo?

Discover the range of our video features in our article

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