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Keepeek news from the 4.35 release

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February 13, 2020
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Discover in details the new search capabilities to link assets to one another!

Link assets and documents: new possibilities

We introduced a few months ago the opportunity to link assets more easily. With the grid mode and the search filters, our links feature is getting more userfriendly and efficient.

Filters combine and adapt to the field types: dates, statuses, text fields, checkboxes, etc. In a second, you narrow your search results to quickly find content to link.

Customize the grid mode fields to display the essential information you need to identify and link the right documents.

This feature was especially conceived to better manage contracts and other legal documents attached to your assets.

Download from the public baskets

It was already possible with Keepeek to create public sharing of assets with download options. However, since the baskets are public, users are not identified and could download without authentication. To guarantee better usage tracking, it is now possible to download from a link sent by email. The user select the assets they wish to download and must provide a valid email address to receive the download link, instead of downloading directly from the basket itself.

Text watermarks: thesaurus fields now authorized

Two types of watermark are possible with Keepeek:

- the image watermark: a logo for example, to apply on your images

- the text watermark, to include the content of a field on your images in transparency

Thesaurus fields can now be used to generate the text watermark on the images.

Update date

The new release will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday, February 19!


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