New Extension – Unique but all in the same colours with Keepeek’s Brand Center!

Discover Keepeek's Brand Center extension

Printed ads, web banners, corporate website or internal communication media… Every day within the same company, there might be dozen of new content produced by several teams.

Are you sure that these contents include the right logo and font? That they respect the guidelines of your editorial charter? Faced with the multiplicity of players, of the content created and the passing of time, how can you ensure that your brand identity is preserved?  

Keepeek unveils its new extension dedicated to the sharing and dissemination of your graphic and editorial charters.

Find out how the DAM can help you standardise the uses of the brand with respect to your users.

🖥 Centralise your communication in a single platform

Your DAM is already the repository and the safe containing your marketing and communications content. The go-to spot for users searching for reference items, what better way to house your graphic and editorial charters and all the information needed to ensure their consistency?

Avoid the never-ending individual emails and be sure that your users are finally using adapted and up-to-date content!

Now available on your Back Office, the Keepeek Brand Center extension allows you to serve your brand identity on a platter: the items and their guidelines for use can be accessed anywhere, and anytime.

-Accessible directly from your Back Office, the Brand Center offers a simple access area where media and editorial content can coexist.

-From a single page, link each category to a selection of media (eg.: a logo and its guidelines for use).

-Easily create and format your pages directly in html or by using our CMS editor.

🖍 Create a dedicated and secure space, in your (brand) image!

  -Organise your content according to a mini-site web architecture.

-Personalise your space according to your graphic charter (logo, colours, font, etc.)

-Easily export or print the pages of your choice.

-Restrict access to certain categories of users.

📢 Inform your user communities and get them going

By combining texts and media, this Keepeek extension is also ideal for:

-hosting your knowledge bases, FAQs and wikis  

-indexing and presenting your marketing campaigns  

-sharing your news stories, etc.

💬 Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to write us; we are available to discuss all your DAM issues.