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Plugins Google Keepeek

Keepeek edits two plugins toconnect Keepeek to Google services : the Google Drive Plugin et the GoogleYouTube Plugin.

Plugin for YouTube

Publish your videos in a single click and control their publication via your Keepeek platform.



Configure your YouTube™ channels in Keepeek and give access to specific users of your choice

Select your video and publish it on one or several of your channels, alongside metadata and tags from Keepeek

Publish on YouTube without leaving the Keepeek interface

Access statistics about the dissemination of your videos on each channel directly from Keepeek

Find all your YouTube™ publications in a dedicated dashboard


You can publish automatically on all your YouTube channels from the Keepeek interface

You control broadcasting and determine the associated rights

You gain valuable time uploading videos

You get real indicators about your YouTube publications and can better estimate the value of your video productions

Please read Keepeek Google Plugin privacy policy before activating.

Plugin for Google Drive

Create a bridge between your Google Drive resources and your Keepeek platform.


Log in to the plugin with your usual Google DriveTM credentials.

Find and export your Keepeek asset to your Google DriveTM folders in just a few clicks.

Take assets from your Google Drive and add them directly into Keepeek.


Upload and export your PDF documents, Excel sheets, text documents, images, videos and presentations, saving yourself the action of downloading them first on your computer

Remove a step which required storage space on your computer

Save valuable time and streamline your processes in just a few clicks

Please read Keepeek Google Plugin privacy policy before activating.