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Automatic feed of your thesaurus and optimizations: give your DAM a power boost

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January 25, 2018
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Better project management, always many more shared media, budget andproductivity optimization...and you, which New Year's resolutions did youmade for 2018?

Keepeek will help you to achieve your goals, standing at your sidethroughout this new year ! We'll offer you regular software updates, inorder to help you create, manage and share your all your media assets.

In 2018, your Digital Asset Management solution will be focusing onperformance. This year thus begins with an avalanche of optimizations andnew features, focusing on :

  • • the optimization of your daily work tasks
  • • the valorisation of your media files on your public portal

All these new features will be available on the cloud on Friday, January19th.

So don't get caught in January's gloom and discover v4.8.0 new features !These all have been available on the Cloud since January, the 19th.

1/💥NEW💥 Automatic feed of thesaurus fields at file upload

Because your time is so precious, Keepeek now automatically indexes your media files Thesaurus fields, by reading their metadata.

2/💥NEW - User portal💥 Optimization of your media displayand sharing features

  • • Your users can now download a media from a shared basket without having to provide their personal information
  • • Display the chapters length in the video player plugin
  • • Give your media a full view thanks to the fullscreen zoom (Notabene : fullscreen zoom is displaid by default. This can be set inthe parameters)
  • Display a clear message when no result is found for a given search: « Result found = 0 element(s) » message
  • Print a details page from a tab display

3/ And some improvements and bug fixes that will enhance your productivity

  • Fix of the direct links to the basket and the gallery
  • Removal of a group of users without error
  • Removal of a thesaurus root in CSV/Excel exports
  • Sending notification emails for expired media, from instances thatare still valid
  • Quicker view of baskets, thanks to optimized performance
  • Automatic return at the top of a page, when navigating betweenpages in a list of elements
  • Write simple quotes around the the names of downloaded files, sothey can be read by Windows
  • • On youruser portals: validate a download or a download request in one click, afterindicating the purpose of the download

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