Simplify the animation of your network of communicators by making them self-reliant

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The challenges

Drive your brand image

Offer your communicators a platform rich in branded content in line with your brand guidelines and storytelling.

Provide a single source for all validated content

Offer a platform that guarantees the validity of the assets used on your websites, social networks, mobile apps and print media.

Maximize the profitability of your photo and video investments

Save time and money for your teams: centralizing assets simplifies access for a better exploitation of multimedia productions.

Free your employees from the tasks of searching and sending assets

Allow your agencies and providers to be self-reliant in their asset requests. Eliminate the tedious task of sending large files.

Keepeek clients in this industry


Keepeek supports the Veolia group on a daily basis to tag assets in the Keepeek DAM. The Veolia DAM distributes assets through a customized distribution portal accessible to employees and partners.


The Keepeek DAM for GRDF allows the centralization of the brand's images and videos. A user portal with the GRDF brand image allows all employees, and their service providers and partners, to obtain quality visuals and videos, validated by GRDF's legal and communication departments.


Keepeek became in 2021 the official DAM of EDF hosting all the images, videos and documents used for the internal and external communication of the group. EDF benefits from a state-of-the-art user portal, in the group's charter, for its Media Center.

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