Give a simple and controlled access to all your communication assets. Help all stakeholders save time with efficient production and distribution channels.

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The challenges

Free your teams from the tasks of searching and sending assets

Open up your content to all your employees, service providers and the press to enable them to communicate with quality assets, while keeping control of usage. By empowering users, you free your teams from the tasks of searching and sharing content.

Project a strong image of your organization

Offer your communicators a platform rich in content in line with your brand image and guidelines, and your organization's missions.

Facilitate the reuse of your asset productions to make them more profitable

You save on the production of new assets by encouraging the reuse of images and videos already produced, thanks to simple access to your photo or media library.

offer a unique repository well identified in your organization

By centralizing all your assets in a single source, the repository is well identified by all and the assets are more easily located and reused. Your collaborators will no longer go looking for images on Google to illustrate their documents.

Keepeek clients in this industry


The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) chose the Keepeek Digital Asset Management solution to make all its publications available online. Keepeek has integrated its Digital Asset Management solution with a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to ensure high availability of OECD publications that are heavily consulted in all countries. From New York, Paris, Beijing or Tokyo, all visitors benefit from a smooth access. Keepeek also hosts all OECD images and podcasts on a dedicated portal: https://oecd-gallery.org/

The Ministry of the Interior

The Ministry of the Interior produces a large number of still and moving images on a daily basis to cover the events and news of the Ministry. The Directorate of Communication has chosen Keepeek to centralize and share the images and videos produced by its photographers.

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