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Centralize and organize all assets

Our simple and user-friendly interfaces are optimized for integrating and organizing assets,  and quickly adding all the data necessary for their location and use. You can find your assets in a few seconds thanks to efficient and intuitive search modes.

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Integrate and index all your assets in the shortest time


All types of assets

You can manage all types of assets in the Keepeek DAM: images, videos, documents, web and print content, rich media and 3D. The Keepeek Digital Asset Management solution automatically generates preview formats of your assets so you can view or play them instantly.

Simplified contributions

Integrate all types of assets in a few seconds thanks to drag & drop directly on the Keepeek home page.
Upload in the DAM from your smartphone with the Keepeek mobile apps!
Your Keepeek DAM solution retrieves the metadata contained in your files. The automatic detection of duplicates warns you when your assets are already present in the DAM.

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Batch processing and data standardization

Qualify your assets in minutes with batch processing and copy/paste of fields.
Ensure search consistency by using controlled value lists (thesaurus, synonyms, suggestion fields). 
Perform mass data processing on hundreds or thousands of assets in a single operation.

Content organization à la carte

Create an asset organization adapted to your business uses. Organize your assets in a tree structure that can evolve over time.
Create folders and subfolders by theme, by service, by product family, etc. Drag your assets into one or more folders without duplication!


Access rights management

Define for each group of users the content authorized for viewing or downloading. Automatically archive assets for which rights have expired.
Make it easy for contributors to be self-sufficient by simplifying interfaces and validation steps. 

Various ways to find your assets


Open search

Find your assets with a state-of-the-art full-text search engine.


Faceted search

Refine your search results in one click with custom filters.

Advanced search

Define specific search combinations to perform highly accurate searches.


Custom search

Define in a few clicks the views that best suit your needs. Share them with other users.



Automatically retrieve the geolocation of your entire asset collection to find them on a map.


Facial recognition

Automatically identify the people in the photos with our facial recognition tool.

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Multilingual management

Interface languages

Offer interfaces adapted to the language of each user for easy navigation.


Data languages

Customize your data in different languages to facilitate the understanding of your users internationally.


Search engine

The search engine adapts its behavior to the user's language.


Automatic copy

Simplify translation and save time by automatically copying field values from one language to another.


Full translation

Keepeek also offers full data translation by integrating with translation tools like Reverso and Deepl.


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Connect your DAM to the information system

Connect your assets to all your business tools. Automate and synchronize your applications for greater efficiency.

Distribute assets safely

Easily share your media while maintaining control and traceability.
Distribute efficiently on a large scale.

Collaborate, even remotely

Simplify your asset review and validation processes. Manage your marketing projects with all your stakeholders in one space.