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Expertise and support for your DAM projects

Trust the Keepeek expertise.
Keepeek brings cutting-edge technology and expertise to your projects. Our expert teams get involved to meet your specific needs at every step or your DAM project, from its conception to its finalization. Our  support methodology has been refined and is continuously improved to meet your challenges.

Management of DAM projects

Our project managers support our clients on Digital Asset Management projects to:
- Define the key stages
- Anticipate the risks
- Coordinate the Keepeek expert teams
- Insure the delivery of a DAM compliant with the specifications, on schedule.

Real conductors, their mission is to manage the project from A to Z.

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DAM business expertise

Specialists in Digital Asset Management, our teams are made up of consultants and asset managers who help you with:
- Asset data structure
- Processes and workflows
- Asset usage (quality, format, etc.)
- Rights & contract management

Our business experts support you at every stage of your project:definition, setup, training and support. They advise you in the long run so you can take your DAM to the next level and get the best return on your investment.

Consulting and data engineering services

In order to provide you with the best consulting service, our asset managers support and train users to guarantee the success of your DAM project. Among their services, they can:
- define and implement the rules of asset organization and classification
- set up the asset languages (thesaurus, value lists, etc.) to secure efficient searches
- provide custom tutorials and guidelines
- design a communication plan for the DAM launch
- manage your DAM for you (upload and index your assets, manage user accreditation, support).


Technical engineering

On the technical side of your project, our engineers will focus on:
- Data recovery
- Platform installation
- Integration with other components of the Information System
- Process automation.
With a strong operational technical background, their range of skills ensures the successful deployment of the DAM.

Web Design

For a strong brand identity, nothing could be easier! Among the key features of our DAM solution, Keepeek provides custom user portals which include:
- compliance with your brand guidelines
- Customization according to the specificities of your processes or organization
- multilingual and multibrand options

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Specific development and R&D

Keepeek's R&D team is committed to providing you with a modern and efficient tool.
In this perspective, Keepeek delivers every three weeks a new version of its tool incorporating new features and patches.
Keepeek also works alongside its customers to understand new challenges, improve and develop its tool to make it even more efficient.


to help you quickly get the hang of the tool, our experts train you according to your needs:
- In the use of the Keepeek solution
- During the monthly webinars of version updates - Through online documentations and videos

Rest assured, the Keepeek tool is easy to use. It is 100% user-friendly, its operation is intuitive and you will learn to master it very quickly.


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