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Store large files but keep costs down

Store all your large asset files on a low-cost storage space connected to Keepeek: benefit from the indexing, search and distribution power of the DAM and the optimized storage options of the Microsoft Azure cloud.


Give quick and easy access to your very large assets

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The combination of public cloud and DAM

Hosting tens of terabytes of files is no longer technically or cost prohibitive thanks to the public cloud. Files become accessible from anywhere, with direct or asynchronous access depending on the type of storage chosen.
ISDs and communication departments might be tempted to upload all content to the cloud and leave it at that. However, this would be a mistake: once uploaded to the public cloud, files become technically accessible to end users. However, if users can't find and quickly access the content, they won't be able to use it.
That is where the DAM brings its value: through its indexing, search and asset viewing capabilities.

Performance & reliability

The uplpoad and download of large files is done through the Azure network highways. The time saved in upload and download is spectacular. The assets uploaded on Azure are directly accessible from Keepeek where their proxys can be searched and viewed before downloading the master files.


Optimized storage costs for each use

Depending on how often they are accessed, the files are stored appropriately. The business model is optimized: high-availability storage for heavily used files or, on the contrary, storage with asynchronous provisioning for rarely downloaded files.

Backup and security

Large files benefit from a perennial storage mode unlike the physical media on which they are traditionally kept. The Azure public cloud offers robust duplication and backup mechanisms to ensure their preservation. 


Two use cases as examples

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Deployment of international marketing campaigns

Organizations regularly create marketing campaigns that incorporate a multitude of assets. This content is created in a variety of formats to accommodate all delivery channels. These campaigns must be available to the entire network at any given time. They will then be adapted in each country. These large files, which are quickly obsolete, can be stored online on Azure during and after their period of operation. This allows for a very fast download of source files, whether they are print, video or content for social media. Once the campaign is over, large files can be stored offline as they become unlikely to be downloaded.

Preservation of the audiovisual heritage of organizations

The audiovisual heritage is a real asset for corporate communication. Brands can surf on the current storytelling trend.
Difficult to access until recently, archive videos find a new youth with low cost storage and can be reused more easily by marketing and communication teams.

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