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Digital Asset management

Channel, organize and distribute all your creative content

Capture all marketing and communication assets produced by your organization to streamline their access and management, increase their value, and control their distribution.

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The challenges



A single asset management solution for all entities in your organization.



Automated connections with your entire Information System ecosystem.


Return on investment

Collaborative features for more efficient creation or validation projects.

Increase the value of multimedia content


Gather your digital assets and share them easily

You centralize in a single space all the images, videos, audio, web and print content of all the entities of your organization. You offer a simple way for your collaborators and service providers to access the latest versions of all these files. The application is available at all times and from anywhere. This repository guarantees the quality and accessibility of all digital assets that everyone can find in a few seconds.

Organize your assets to empower all internal and external users

Keepeek Digital Asset Management provides efficient asset indexing and search capabilities to find the right asset for both regular and occasional users. Contributors integrate new content in minutes by dragging and dropping assets directly on the home page. Batch processing and pre-set value lists make adding asset data easy and efficient.

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Ensure rights-compliant asset use

The Keepeek DAM gives you a complete traceability of your asset usage. Your users have access only to the assets authorized for their territory and their media. They have easy access to the conditions and duration of use. You can easily manage the different types of rights: copyright, exploitation rights, models rights, music, etc. You can centralize the contracts of photographers, model & property releases in order to be legally secure. you automate the removal of obsolete assets, and automatically warn users before their usage deadline. Accesses, modifications or downloads are monitored in real time.

Maximize the productivity of all asset consumers

Free your teams from the task of finding assets for colleagues and contractors. The best search features help users find assets easily: auto-completion, faceted search, facial recognition, geolocation, and more. Automatically generated preview formats allow users to check any type of content before retrieving it.

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Streamline asset creation and approval processes

Teams centralize their asset production projects in confidential and secure collaborative spaces, with comments and annotations on assets, versioning, tagging and voting features. Workflows set up in less than a minute sequence the editing or validation phases, allowing each stakeholder to manage their tasks efficiently. You free your teams and service providers from email exchanges and heavy file sharing by third-party applications. You keep track of all your projects.

Make it easy to distribute and share assets while staying in control of usage

You efficiently manage your network of marketers and communication teams with sharing options adapted to all use cases. You control how you share assets, for how long, and keep a perfect traceability of usage. Your Keepeek DAM integrates with all the tools of your information system to distribute your content on your websites, eCommerce platforms, PIM, social networks, etc. Your distribution links are updated in real time in case of version change, for compliant and up-to-date assets on all your distribution channels


Prove the cost effectiveness of your DAM and streamline storage

Your Digital Asset Management tool provides you with all the data and statistics you need to track your DAM's traffic, feed and usage levels. The data provides the opportunity to identify which assets are performing well with your audiences. You can delete all duplicate files to free up unnecessary storage space and associated costs. Easily identify unprofitable content that no longer needs to be produced. Identify rarely used content to optimize storage costs.

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a solution that meets the needs of each business


A solid and durable SaaS platform for a better rationalization of the asset management of organizations: discover the advantages of Keepeek for Information Systems Departments.

Marketing teams

A simple and intuitive platform to distribute internationally validated and branded content: discover the benefits of Keepeek DAM for marketing departments.

Communication teams

A platform accessible to the whole network of communicators to find in a few seconds all the images, videos and other media: discover the advantages of a Keepeek DAM for communication services.

Product teams

A platform connected to all the tools of the production and distribution chains to rationalize the online publishing of products: discover how the Keepeek DAM meets the eCommerce challenges.

Asset managers

An optimized platform for indexing, keywording and searching assets: discover all the power of Keepeek DAM for asset managers.

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