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DAM solutions for asset managers

Advanced data processing features for efficient indexing and searching

A robust DAM solution for data

The Keepeek DAM offers advanced features for indexing and searching for assets.
Batch processing, thesaurus management (synonyms, tree structure, etc.), advanced search, deduplication, multilingualism, filters: the Keepeek DAM has been designed to optimize asset management.
Depending on the type of assets (image, video, audio, document, etc.), specific features are made available: video sequencing, slideshows, playlists, etc.

Great self-reliance for the tool administrators

Data structure

Data sheets can be modified and adjusted at any time (field creation and modification, display order, etc.)



Asset managers can set up which filters are available during searches & create personalized advanced search forms.


Language management

Administrators have complete control over the settings and options of thesauri, folder tree and value lists.


Batch processing

Administrators can reindex thousands of assets in just one operation.
Batch processing allows data to be replaced, added or supplemented. 



All usage data is easily accessible and exportable to manage the DAM activity and measure its performance.


Workflows and collaboration

Admins can manage workflow templates to easily set up asset creation or review processes.  

Extensive experience in data recovery

The Keepeek teams have performed multiple data recoveries over the years, including complex recovery of multilingual DAMs, incorporating thesauri that can include over 35,000 terms. Based on these experiences, Keepeek has developed a safe and efficient recovery process, from the initial analysis to the acceptance phase. 

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Experienced partners

When implementing a DAM (Digital Asset Management) solution, Keepeek offers a strong support to ensure the long-term success of the project.
- The project managers, who have often been asset managers before, lead the DAM deployment and coordinate the functional and technical teams.
- The asset management department, consisting of six multimedia asset managers, leads the workshops to define the data structure and languages. The asset managers also carry out training and change management for users.
- The Customer Success department stays in contact with customers once the DAM is up and running, to help users, provide resources (tips, webinars, best practices), inform them of new features and collect new needs.

Download our success story

Success story: the Stellantis multibrand DAM

Discover how the former PSA Group, now called Stellantis, pooled all its brands and entities (Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel, Vauxhall, Spoticar, PSA Aftermarket, PSA Retail, etc.) into a single DAM solution.


A community of asset managers instrumental in the design of the tool

The Keepeek DAM (Digital Asset Management) is used daily by a large community of multimedia asset managers. Through their intensive use of the application, these experts are a valuable source of information.
Their feedbacks is preciously collected by our Customer success team to direct the developments towards a more and more relevant and efficient tool.  


Key benefits



Design and develop your DAM according to your needs and your users expectations. You have the freedom to modify the structure and settings to make your DAM better, day after day.

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Optimize your data structure without limits: harmonize, complete and perfect your data in a few clicks, even for large collections.



Share your problems with people who understand your business, your needs and your expectations. Create with Keepeek the best possible structure for your DAM.

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