Make your achievements a pillar of your internal and external communications

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The challenges

Maximize the profitability of your photo and video investments

Save time and money for your teams: centralizing assets simplify access for a more frequent use of multimedia productions.

Ensure the durability of your content by controlling storage costs

Eliminate all quickly obsolete physical media to centralize video and photos online, while maintaining costs under control.

Amplify the impact of your achievements through your assets

Access to the assets of your major projects provides multiple proofs of success to your customers and partners.

Centralize the knowledge, know-how and history of your company

Preserve and leverage your corporate assets. Provide a single location for your branded content and training material.

Keepeek clients in this industry


The Vinci group centralizes images and videos of major construction sites for Vinci Airports, Vinci Highways and Vinci Railways. Keepeek has developed a broadcasting portal according to the brand guidelines. The Keepeek asset managers support Vinci on a day to day basis to add keywords and data on the assets to guarantee efficient searches for all users, in French and in English.


NGE has chosen the Keepeek DAM to give access to all the photo reports shot in the field by the teams. The DAM makes it possible to distribute all the images and videos of large-scale construction sites and works, events and trades.


As a major player in the construction industry, Colas has combined its photo and video libraries into a single, high-performance solution for centralising and distributing all its images and videos. Thanks to the Azure connector, which allows it to store its videos at low cost while keeping them easily accessible for users, Colas facilitates the conservation and reuse of its iconographic and audiovisual heritage.

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