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VIDEO Asset management

Capitalize on the video heritage of your organization

Keepeek's video library software is a video storage, management and distribution tool that meets the needs of communication, marketing and audiovisual services professionals in organizations.

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Simplify the exploitation of your video assets with the Keepeek video DAM


Put video at the heart of your communication strategy

Video is one of the most powerful marketing levers for brand awareness and image.
Deploy a Video Asset Management solution to make your videos instantly accessible online for your teams and service providers. Increase the return on investment of your video productions by facilitating their reuse. With just a few clicks, your users can view videos, share them, download them in the most suitable format, integrate them into web pages, and create clips and playlists.

Your storage costs streamlined

Video is the asset that consumes the most storage space. The Keepeek video library software offers optimized storage options for each use: campaign videos, news videos, heritage videos, rushes and master files. Through its connector to the Microsoft Azure public cloud, the Keepeek Video Asset Management solution reduces storage costs, especially for very large files and those that are rarely used. 


Your assets preserved in the long run

Physical video assets (external hard drives, VHS, DVD, etc.) are fragile and quickly become obsolete. By centralizing all your digital videos in your video library software, you guarantee the preservation of your audiovisual heritage over time.

Simplified access and management

Users can search and browse videos independently thanks to the indexing and searching power of Keepeek video library software.
The application automatically generates lightweight preview formats for easy viewing of videos on any media. The upload and download of large files on the Microsoft Azure cloud benefit from a transfer speed ten times faster than traditional hosting.

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Sharing and collaborative work

The Keepeek video DAM facilitates tasks of editing and validation of videos.
Confidential collaborative spaces allow project stakeholders to centralize and share all inputs, documents and assets. They can request changes and review the produced videos by adding comments directly on the video time codes. They can compare two videos side by side to verify changes and distribute the validated videos in seconds.

Monitoring the ROI of video productions

Producing quality videos can be expensive.
Monitor the profitability of your video productions by analyzing your video view and download data. Identify which videos are driving the most engagement, whether the videos are viewed in their entirety or which clips get more attention. Inspect which chapters your users are most interested in, thanks to audience metrics. Based on these precise statistics, you can tailor your video production to the real needs of your users and eliminate the cost of producing videos that will never be used.

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Solution validated by major organizations

Keepeek's Video Asset Management solution has been chosen by major organizations in all sectors, including Orange, Colas and EDF, to manage their brands' audiovisual assets and video news.


the benefits


Reasonable costs

Your storage costs are optimized with public cloud capabilities.

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Perpetual backup

Your video assets are saved and secured in the long run.


Ease of reuse

Your teams can easily reuse your video production and increase the profitability of the video investments.

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Business cases


a solution that meets the challenges of all business units


A solid and durable SaaS platform for a better rationalization of the asset management of organizations: discover the advantages of Keepeek for Information Systems Departments.

Marketing teams

A simple and intuitive platform to distribute internationally validated and branded content: discover the benefits of Keepeek DAM for marketing departments.

Communication teams

A platform accessible to the whole network of communicators to find in a few seconds all the images, videos and other media: discover the advantages of a Keepeek DAM for communication services.

Product teams

A platform connected to all the tools of the production and distribution chains to rationalize the online publishing of products: discover how the Keepeek DAM meets the eCommerce challenges.

Asset managers

An optimized platform for indexing, keywording and searching assets: discover all the power of Keepeek DAM for asset managers.

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