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DAM solutions for communication teams

Centralize all your images, videos and other assets to give easy access to your entire network of communicators

Easy to use interfaces

Keepeek offers simple and user friendly interfaces to work efficiently. Communication teams feed their photo library or DAM (Digital Asset Management) in a few clicks, by dragging their assets directly on the home page. Keepeek DAM makes it efficient to add data by batch and offers autocompletion to tag assets in a few seconds.


Solution validated by several hundred communication departments

Thousands of users use Keepeek every day to centralize their images, videos, web and print content, audio files, etc.
The collaborative work and sharing features makes it possible to remove endless meetings, emails and third party file transfer solutions. All the data and assets is available in one single place.

Strong support during the implementation and long term follow-up

A powerful software is nothing if the users are not properly supported to get all its benefits. Keepeek's strength lies in our support, during the implementation but also in the long run.
Each customer is supported by a project manager to manage the project, an asset manager for data structuring and training, and a team of integrators for custom developments.
Once the Keepeek DAM is up and running, the Customer Success team assists users on a daily basis to provide technical and functional support, best practices and advice.

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Recovery of your existing content: well-tested processes

Keepeek has extensive experience in data and asset recovery. Whether migrating other DAM software, directories, external hard drives or online drives, Keepeek has refined a powerful recovery process over time, from the audit phase to verification testing.

Simplified media sharing

The Keepeek DAM software offers sharing features adapted to various uses.
Make your communication agencies self-reliant in their asset research, send in a few clicks asset selections for your press releases and communication campaigns. Create very simple collaborative workflows, in a confidential space, to review photos for a report, images to be used for your brochure, etc.
You keep control of the distribution of your assets and can trace who uploaded what and when.

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Simplify the processes for your asset producers

Simplify the work of your photographers, agencies and directors by making it easy for them to upload their assets directly into the Keepeek DAM!
They drag their assets into the application in a few seconds, can add some data and automatically inform you of new content to review.
From Keepeek, you can annotate the assets, ask for retouching or rework and keep the history of all exchanges for a better efficiency and traceability.

Connections to your company directory, websites and business tools

Keepeek integrates with your corporate directory to allow users to seamlessly login. 
Assets can be pushed to your websites and other business tools, thanks to developments tailored to your needs by our team of integrators. Plugins allow you to work efficiently in Microsoft Office, Google Drive and Adobe applications for graphic creation and editing.

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User portals to your brand image

Offer your users a portal to search, download and share assets that reflects your brand.
Keepeek portals offer simple and uncluttered interfaces, guaranteeing quick access and efficient searches.
Portals allow a high level of customization and self-reliance to highlight content (new content, new communication campaigns, focus on a current topic, etc.).


Key benefits


User friendliness

Allow your teams to focus on their projects with an easy-to-use solution.



Free your communication teams from requests from colleagues and providers and make it easy for contributors ot directly upload their content in the DAM. 



Easily manage access rights to your assets, keep track of who downloads what, and automatically archive obsolete content.


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