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Deliver compliant and valid content to your entire global network at the right time

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The challenges

Optimize the creation and distribution of marketing campaigns

Optimize the management and distribution of all the content of your marketing campaigns (photo, video, print, toolboxes, social media kit) internationally

Efficiently provide assets to your network

Ensure the use of compliant assets with valid rights regardless of the medium, territory covered and duration.

Protecting confidential content

Guarantee the confidentiality of your content in pre-reveal while allowing teams and service providers to efficiently prepare launches.

Efficiently manage updates and versions of your assets

Easily notify of updates and ensure access to the correct version of assets to use.

Keepeek clients in this industry


A major player in the skincare industry, the Naos group, with its brands Bioderma, Esthederm and Etat pur, has equipped itself with Keepeek to manage its product and institutional media. The Keepeek DAM is connected to the Quable PIM and also offers a portal in the group's charter for the sharing and distribution of its media.


The Swiss watchmaking company Hublot is equipped with Keepeek and in particular the Keepeek plugin for Adobe. Hublot uses Keepeek to streamline the production process of its luxury watch models.

Yves Rocher

Keepeek has equipped the Yves Rocher Group since 2016. The Keepeek DAM centralises the media content of the group's brands and entities, including Daniel Jouvance, Docteur Pierre Ricaud, Petit Bateau, Stanhome and Yves Rocher. The application offers portals by brand and manages all the communication and marketing media with the management of product visuals and the rich heritage of a historical brand.

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