Sports and leasure

Deploy a powerful communication around your events, products and locations, while anticipating activity peaks

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The challenges

Channel product asset acquisition

Harmonize and streamline asset acquisition by automating all possible tasks. Simplify asset review and validation with creative workflows.

Stay in control of your brand image

Ensure teams use quality validated content, thanks to a single, comprehensive repository accessible from anywhere.

enrich user experience

Promote your locations and experiences via rich media (video, 360°, 3D, etc.) on all your distribution channels.

Connect your assets to all your tools

Make your DAM the central element of your information system by connecting it to all your applications (website, reservation sites, third-party sites, etc.)

Keepeek clients in this industry


Futuroscope has equipped itself with Keepeek DAM to easily centralize and share the brand elements and media produced by its teams to promote the Park, the attractions and the Futuroscope events.

Club Med

In 2019, Club Med launched the Dream platform: a bilingual French/English DAM that centralises all of Club Med's images, videos, gifs, 360° videos and maps. Synchronised with the Quable PIM and all Club Med websites, the DAM is also connected to Stakla to automatically retrieve and manage media produced by Club Med customers after validation of their rights.

ASO (Amaury Sport Organisation)

Organiser of, among others, the Tour de France, the Dakar, the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris, the Tour Voile and the Lacoste Ladies Open de France.

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