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DAM Glossary

Acronyms and business concepts: everything you need to know about Digital Asset Management.



Asset manager

Asset managers are experts in asset-related data. They assist our clients in defining the data sheets used to describe the assets and thus find them easily. They bring their expertise to create or redesign the languages (keywords, folder tree, value lists) in an optimal way for data entry and asset research. The asset managers provide training and can support clients on an ad hoc or recurring basis to manage DAM solutions.

Collaborative space

A collaborative space in a DAM is a secure space restricted to a group of identified people who can interact confidentially to share assets and messages, request edits/rework/retouching, review assets, index, etc.

DAM (Digital Asset Management)

DAM stands for Digital Asset Management. A DAM makes it possible to organize all the multimedia content of an organization: photos, videos, documents, print or web content, 3D files, etc. A DAM software provides a solution to match data to each asset to identify it, find it easily and distribute it to the right people. It automatically generates formats from the original files and manage the distribution of assets while ensuring the rights related to the images are provided to the end users.

DAM project manager

Experts in DAM issues, the project managers are the main point of contact for our customers during the entire DAM implementation phase. They ensure all issues are addressed, lead customer workshops, write reports and specifications, manage developments with the technical teams, provide support for acceptance and ensure that deadlines are met.

Moving crew

Multidisciplinary team of Keepeek experts specialized in complex data and asset recovery. The Brittany-based movers retrieve, analyze, transform, upload and test the accuracy of your data and assets in Keepeek.

R&D developer

The R&D developers are in charge of developing the Keepeek solution common to all our customers. They code new features and optimize existing ones following customer feedbacks.




The integrators are developers who carry out specific developments for each of our clients. They carry out data recovery, develop connections with SSO and other tools, create user portals and scripts to automate data or asset processing (automatic translation, format generation, etc.)




A kanban or kanban board is a board with several columns allowing to move elements from one column to another according to their progress. Much used in project management and tools like Trello, it is materialized in Keepeek by the Boards feature. By creating columns for each processing step, you can create collaborative workflows that centralize all information while keeping a global view of your projects. The boards are typically used in Keepeek to review and validate assets, to decide collegially on which assets to include in brochures, catalogues or magazines, or to organize indexing.

Product owner (PO)

The product owners (PO) are the people in charge of all Keepeek products. They interact with customers and prospects to qualify their needs and arbitrate on the developments to prioritize. They are the guardians of Keepeek's product strategy and coordinate all Keepeek teams toward producing and marketing the best possible DAM solution.



PIM (Product Information Management)

PIM stands for Product Information Management. It is a solution that makes it easy to efficiently manage all product-related data (ingredients for food, colors, sizes and materials for clothing, etc.). The PIM + DAM combination helps retailers supply a great shopping experience.


SSO is the acronym for 'Single Sign On'. It is a solution that makes it possible to log on any tool of the information system with the same identifier managed by the company directory. The SSO is useful for employees to manage their access more easily, and ensure the security of the Information System (the deactivation of an SSO account removes the access to all the applications instantly).


A sprint in IT development is a development cycle leading to a final product: a software version, a product, etc. At Keepeek, R&D sprints last three weeks and allow the release of a version that includes new features, fixes, technical maintenance and consolidation actions on the SaaS platform.


A thesaurus (from the Latin 'thesaurus' meaning treasure) is a structured list of terms (keywords) for describing and classifying assets or documents. Thesauri are trees of terms, usually ranging from the most generic to the most specific, and may include synonyms, related terms and descriptions. The most common thesauri are keyword thesauri and geographic thesauri. They can exist in just one or several languages.

User portal

A user portal is a web interface that provides corporations and brands with an easy way to distribute multimedia content to employees, agencies, subsidiaries and partners. It makes it possible to define various access rights for each user category and offers efficient search features to find the right asset in a few seconds.



Video library

A video library is a collection of videos, often organized by major themes. Corporate or brand video libraries are useful to find in a few minutes videos of an event, a product, a marketing campaign, etc., so that you can reuse them. Video libraries centralize all videos with associated data (title, description, date, etc.), including rights (director, agency, music, models, etc.) and expected usage deadlines. This information makes it possible to understand the context of the videos, to find them easily and to use only videos for which the organization owns the rights.


A workflow is a work process, usually collaborative, that defines steps to efficiently complete projects. In a DAM, it is often a process to manage the creation, indexing, review and validation of assets. The workflows in Keepeek provides an efficient way for people to process tasks as soon as the assets are made available to them. The Keepeek workflows also provide traceability to monitor progress and save all project information in one single location.


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