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brand management

Manage and harmonize the use of your brand

Simplify the management of your brand identity with the Keepeek brand portal and ensure proper compliance of your marketing and communication content. At the heart of a company's brand management strategy, it connects your creative network with your best brand content practices.

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Your brand custodian

The brand portal is the reference platform for finding all your brand content. It offers all the files needed to create content: logos, visuals, pictograms, fonts, templates for Office or InDesign documents...
The portal also distributes Brand Guidelines, graphic charters and best practices for brand use. Through dynamic web pages, document or video tutorials, the brand portal is your educational response to brand usage.

Online content, always up to date

Guidelines and content are dynamically updated on the portal. Your community is guaranteed to have valid and usable content in real time.
New recommendations and best practices are immediately accessible by the creative community. It's also a great place to communicate news and the most beautiful creations as a source of inspiration.
Subscriptions to the brand's themes alert your community to the latest news. Obsolete assets are automatically archived to guarantee quality content to your community.

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A portal to you image

The Brand Portal is itself a vehicle for your brand. It is customized to fit your visual brand identity. This customization addresses the UX, UI and functionalities accessible to your community.

Target all your creative communities

With the Keepeek Brand Portal, you can filter the distribution of content according to your targets. Each agency, internal team or external provider will benefit from identified access and will only have access to the necessary content. Need to integrate an agency for a new campaign? In just a few minutes you can create targeted access to the content needed for this campaign.

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Capitalize on your brand's existing content

Don't waste time redoing what already exists! You can make raw or composite documents (InDesign, Photoshop, Xpress) available to your employees so that they can reuse the content and adapt it to their needs or languages.

Distribute your toolboxes and product campaigns

The Brand Portal is the ideal platform to distribute your product campaigns: toolboxes, marketing kits, etc. These campaigns gather hybrid contents: packshots, InDesign documents, promotional videos, Social Media kits, Web banners etc.
It is the best way to exchange with your local or international community who must take hold of these contents to localize the campaigns. The Keepeek Brand Portal is particularly adapted to large contents such as HD images, InDesign native files or HD videos.

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DRM and rights management

Protect your brand against misuse. Thanks to the management of usage rights, you give access to legal data related to your content: copyright, image rights, model and property releases, time or territory restrictions.

Protect your brand from misuse

Thanks to the management of usage rights, you provide access to legal information related to your content: authors' rights, image rights, copyright, temporal or geographical usage constraints.

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Key benefits



Keepeek delivers every three weeks a new version with new features to all customers in SaaS.



Through its API First strategy, Keepeek offers web services to connect to any ecosystem and provides its own integrators.



4 teams to meet all your needs: project managers, asset managers, integrators and customer success.

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Business cases


A solid and durable SaaS platform for a better rationalization of the asset management of organizations: discover the advantages of Keepeek for Information Systems Departments.

Marketing teams

A simple and intuitive platform to distribute internationally validated and branded content: discover the benefits of Keepeek DAM for marketing departments.

Communication teams

A platform accessible to the whole network of communicators to find in a few seconds all the images, videos and other media: discover the advantages of a Keepeek DAM for communication services.

Product teams

A platform connected to all the tools of the production and distribution chains to rationalize the online publishing of products: discover how the Keepeek DAM meets the eCommerce challenges.

Asset managers

An optimized platform for indexing, keywording and searching assets: discover all the power of Keepeek DAM for asset managers.

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