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DAM solutions for marketing teams

A simple and intuitive platform to distribute internationally validated content in line with your brand's image

Latest generation portails

The portals offered by Keepeek are perfectly customized to the brand image of each organization. They provide simple and uncluttered interfaces, guaranteeing quick access and efficient searches. The portals allow a high level of customization and a great autonomy to make the portal evolve over time, to edit the homepage and to facilitate searches.


Multilingual solution that can be deployed internationally

Multilingual, Keepeek makes it possible to manage asset data in multiple languages. The DAM integrates with best-of-breed machine translation solutions, and the platform guarantees high availability, around the clock and on all continents.

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Complete centralization of all your organization's media

Keepeek allows you to manage all types of assets: images, videos, documents, web and print content, rich media, infographics, social media content, etc.
The organization of assets makes it simple and fast to access all content of a marketing campaign, all assets related to an event, a muse or a product.


Marketing campaign management from creation to distribution

Keepeek offers several collaborative features to manage the creation and validation of marketing assets: easy sharing, annotations and comments, versioning management, workflows. Your campaign is managed from A to Z in Keepeek, without disseminating information in emails. Check all your ongoing projects at a glance on a dashboard.

Rights management

Keepeek makes it possible to restrict access to content by user profile: you guarantee access to the right assets only for the right people, eliminating the legal risks of misuse. Photographers & directors rights, model and property releases, music rights, image rights: Keepeek manages all levels of rights and makes it easy to link assets to their contracts and authorizations. In addition, the application automatically archives assets whose rights have expired.

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Workflows for asset creation and validation: Keepeek boards

Check at a glance the progress of your asset creation, review or validation projects, in a confidential collaborative space. Centralize and share all the documents related to your campaigns. Comment, annotate, and send assets for touch-up or rework on a custom-designed boards.

A team of experts to assist and support you in the recovery of your asset data

Dedicated workshops help us define the scope of the recovery and remove all obstacles.
Through numerous content recoveries, our teams have refined an efficient data recovery process, from the audit phase to the verification tests.
Keepeek also offers a deduplication module to remove duplicate assets.

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A proven project methodology and customized support

Throughout the implementation process, you enjoy the support of a dedicated project manager, who pilots and coordinates Keepeek's asset managers and technical experts.
Once your project is in production, the Customer Success team will train you and help you launch your DAM to your users, providing best practices and tips to get the most out of it.


Cost-effective storage options for your large assets

Access your large assets (toolbox, video masters, campaign source files) from your DAM while maintaining reasonable storage costs.


key benefits


Brand compliance

Give the right people a unique access to all your validated content, on a portal that reflects your brand image


Easy to use

Free your teams from email and asset searches by offering a simple solution to all your contacts, whether they are occasional or regular


Traceability and reporting

Keep control of your asset distribution and measure the success of your marketing campaigns

Discover Keepeek today

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