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ecommerce digital asset management

Deploy a powerful customer experience with your product assets

Drastically reduce the time to market of your products by automating the process of collecting images, videos and 3D files of all your products. Efficiently manage their life cycle and simplify the multi-channel distribution of your product assets.

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Reduce the cost of managing product images

The first challenge of eCommerce Digital Asset Management is to drastically reduce the costs of managing product images. This platform centralizes all the assets of your products: packshots, promotional videos, 3D files, product range or background images, instructions manuals. Assets are also automatically distributed to eCommerce platforms.

Reduce the time to market

eCommerce Digital Asset Management dramatically reduces the time it takes to publish your product assets by automating the collection, validation, and distribution processes to speed up the delivery of validated content to sales channels.


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Success story La Redoute

"With Keepeek, the generic indexing of 300 photos takes us about 10 minutes. The specific data of the product images are added automatically thanks to Keepeek's connection with our photo shooting tool"

Cédric Leroux,
Content Factory Manager, La Redoute


Automatic integration of product assets

Keepeek's eCommerce Digital Asset Management automates the collection of product content from content producers. Keepeek offers features for automatic retrieval of assets via APIs or repository hotfolders. They connect to photo studios, national aggregation platforms (Alkemics, Agena...) or directly to suppliers. This automation saves precious time to accelerate eCommerce sales.

Simplify the validation of product images

Keepeek facilitates the validation of assets. Thanks to the collaborative features, product teams can control incoming content flows, validate them or submit them to the graphic teams for retouching. Connected to the A.I. features, product visuals are automatically diverted or retouched.
Gain productivity by centralizing the entire process of creation and validation of product assets in Keepeek.
With the Keepeek eCommerce DAM, you can set up in a few clicks the creation, review and validation processes of product assets. You reduce delays, keep traceability of all interactions and eliminate emails and assets sent by third party applications.

Integrations with major Product Information Management (PIM) players

Keepeek eCommerce DAM integrates perfectly with major Product Information Management (PIM) or Product Experience Management (PXM) solutions such as Akeneo, Quable, Stibo, Nodhos, One Base, Agena, etc.
Keepeek has an API that allows to directly feed PIM, PLM, PXM, catalogues and product management applications. The image and video databases are synchronized with the product repositories to ensure that they are always up to date.


the benefits



You eliminate all manual and time-consuming tasks to reduce the time needed to make your products available online.



Keepeek connects to the entire IT ecosystem and provides its own integrators for custom developments.


Security and scalability

You accelerate your growth with a solid software publisher, approved by leading retail references.

Feed your eCommerce sites with product assets: multi-channel distribution with automatic generation of adapted formats

Ensure the right product experience everywhere.

Product image and video formats are generated to automatically adapt to the delivery channels you use. This delivery system ensures a measurable time saving to promote your products on your eCommerce sites and mobile applications, your product catalogs, etc.

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Asset lifecycle management for up-to-date products on all platforms

Maintain the validity of products delivered to your channels.
The update of product images or videos is replicated in real time on all the distribution channels to guarantee instantly updated assets, as soon as they are replaced in the Keepeek Retail DAM. In one operation, your product images and videos are updated everywhere. Your teams are informed of the obsolescence of the product images and videos to pilot the renewal of asset rights or new product shootings.

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All types of product assets in a single database

Centralize all your content in a single database. 
All multimedia documents (images, videos, 3D files, 360°, manuals, etc.) concerning your products are grouped together in a single application to simplify searching, management and sharing. Your marketing teams can feed the DAM and keep the product asset repository alive.

An eCommerce DAM solution validated by major retail brands

Keepeek Digital Asset Management for Retail has been chosen by major players in retail and eCommerce: La Redoute, Auchan, ïdKids, Intermarché, Système U and major luxury brands.
The power of Keepeek eCommerce DAM, the French leader in Digital Asset Management, makes it possible to manage millions of images, videos and product documents, guaranteeing their availability and display performance internationally.

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Business cases


A solid and durable SaaS platform for a better rationalization of the asset management of organizations: discover the advantages of Keepeek for Information Systems Departments.

Marketing teams

A simple and intuitive platform to distribute internationally validated and branded content: discover the benefits of Keepeek DAM for marketing departments.

Communication teams

A platform accessible to the whole network of communicators to find in a few seconds all the images, videos and other media: discover the advantages of a Keepeek DAM for communication services.

Product teams

A platform connected to all the tools of the production and distribution chains to rationalize the online publishing of products: discover how the Keepeek DAM meets the eCommerce challenges.

Asset managers

An optimized platform for indexing, keywording and searching assets: discover all the power of Keepeek DAM for asset managers.

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