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Connect your DAM to your entire information system

Facilitate the use of your assets within all the tools of your information system. Synchronize data and assets to always have up-to-date information, regardless of the application used throughout your organization. 

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Facilitate the use of your media by integrating your DAM with your IS

Plugins & extensions

Access your assets from your everyday tools: Microsoft Office, Google Suite, or Adobe Creative Cloud. Keepeek offers plugins to search and integrate your assets directly into your graphic or office creations.


Documented API

Keepeek offers a comprehensive and documented API to guarantee its interoperability with other information system tools. Whether it is a PIM, an MDM, a website, an eCommerce or business solution, Keepeek offers its API as well as ready-to-use integrations with many solutions.

Integration team for your custom connections

Keepeek offers the services of its own integration team, expert in specific developments related to Digital Asset Management. The implementation of data feeding and synchronization scripts, automation, SSO integration, etc. is managed by a project manager who coordinates the technical stakeholders (developers, testers and ops) and guarantees the respect of specifications, schedules and quality of the custom developments.


Login with your company ID

Connect Keepeek to your internal directory to facilitate access to the DAM to all collaborators without any specific identifier to log in. Keepeek developers have already integrated most identification solutions.

Simplify your specific processes


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Centralize and organize your assets

Leverage the indexing and search power of Keepeek DAM.
Manage asset data and formats with ease.

Distribute assets safely

Easily share your media while maintaining control and traceability.
Distribute efficiently on a large scale. 

Collaborate, even remotely

Simplify your asset review and validation processes. Manage your marketing projects with all your stakeholders in one space.


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