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Boards Launch night: Agile Marketing by Keepeek!

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October 28, 2019
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On October 10, Keepeek packed the room to introduce their new extension: the Boards.

A friendly evening to celebrate innovation

Keepeek welcomed their clients and partners in the beautiful offices of Claranet, in Bastille. Participants were happy to discover the Keepeek project management tool applied to assets: the Boards! Or how to efficiently and intuitively manage video, photo or material production projects.

Because Keepeek has worked with Agile methods since 2010 to create their software, they could create an efficient solution to manage asset production. The Boards combine project management with the power of asset management which has been the force of the DAM Keepeek for years.

Collaborative workflows made easy and flexible

Carole Marlot from the Renault Group during the presentation of the Keepeek Boards

Carole Marlot, in charge of the Renault Group Media Library, shared Renault's need for a collaborative tool able to centralize video and photo production and validation processes. For Renault, the use of the Keepeek boards means productivity, security and tracking gains, workflow standardization at a worldwide scale, through a simple and user friendly tool!

Participants enjoyed conversations with other Keepeek clients and the Keepeek teams to confront the tool to their workflow needs with agencies, photographers and sponsors.

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