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Go back in time with the new Keepeek version!

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December 17, 2015
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go back in time with the new Keepeek version

The new version of Keepeek 360 was deployed on Friday, November 27, 2015 on Cloud Keepeek Standard and on Friday, December 4, 2015 on Cloud Keepeek Premium.

Discover the new features!

Original files and thumbnails versioning

You want to find media original files that have been changed? This is now possible with the new file versioning feature. When replacing an original file with another or editing an original file via the image editor, you can find in a few clicks old version of your file. Via the preview tab in the media detail, you have access to successive versions of a media. You can download, restore or delete each version.Never worry about losing your old files, this new feature serves as a historical for versioning actions.

Notification for the expiry dates of media rights in days before its actual expiry

Don’t get surprised by the expiration date of a media rights.In the backoffice mosaic, an annotation in the form of a small gray clock warns of impending expiry of the media. This feature is also available on the portal users.By identifying yourself the number of days before expiry of the media, you manage with greater ease your media rights dates.

Archiving of expired media

Archiving your expired media will give you a better view of the organization of your media. Activating this new option, the application automatically archives expired media in an archive folder. The media will retain his place in the tree of the file plan in the archive folder.


  • Correction made on the generation of video / audio permalinks
  • Export of the same field in several different languages in CSV &
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