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Inexia Ingenierie opts for the Keepeek 360° photo library software

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February 1, 2011
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Inexia Engineering, an SNCF (French national rail network) subsidiary, has opted to use the Keepeek 360° professional software library to manage its visual communication. The aim is to capitalize on the entire stock of images so that each user can log on to the Keepeek platform and simply retrieve the visual they need in the desired format.

The challenge is to be able to share photos with all employees at INEXIA. The ergonomics and ease of use of the library are thought to be key factors. Furthermore, the ease of search options offered through an intuitive navigation system represent real added value for the company. This means each user has the opportunity to create their own classification plan according to their needs and types of searches.

A subsidiary of the SNCF, INEXIA was created in September 2006 to enable the group to meet two main objectives:

  • Adapt its engineering to institutional developments within the railway sector, including new forms of contracts chosen for the high-speed lines (PPP and DSP), for which the SNCF would be excluded due to reasons of conflict of interest
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