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Keepeek 3.7.18 new version docked successfully on Saint-Malo beach

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September 21, 2015
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keepeek 3718 new version docked successfully on Saint Malo beach

Photo credit: Philippe Euzen

During Keepeek annual seminar, our freebooters, buccaneers and pirates trained to a game of « palets bretons » on Saint-Malo beach. A photograph immortalizing their exploits illustrates the update of this new version.

This new version of Keepeek 360 was deployed this Friday, September 18, 2015 on Cloud Keepeek Standard. It will then be available on Friday, September 25, 2015 on Cloud Keepeek Premium.

Discover features and patches for the new version.

Counter for new user registrations

Adding on the top right menu a "Users" counter allows you to identify at a glance the portal new registrants to confirm. This saves responsiveness and speed to give portal access to these new entrants.

Add a filter on obsolete media in the search result dataview

A new filter dedicated to obsolete media allows you to filter quickly. Your search results display only your published media and match with what read-only users can see.


  • Advanced search for terms containing an underscore
  • OAI compatibility
  • Improved management of the date when importing a media (hours, minutes, seconds are managed)
  • Remove the scrollbar in the column selection screen of a CSV report
  • Removing language choice when the current user is configured monolingual when changing mass media
  • Display and possibility to change the status of media in the media tabs of each of the available languages
  • Date displays fixed in API, the dates are now displayed consistently in UTC
  • API, adding a research by folder title
  • DAM_Keepeek_Cordage_Picto_2

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