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Keepeek scores points with the new version 3.7.8

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September 15, 2014
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keepeek scores points with the new version 378

In this back-to-school season, Keepeek offers a new version of its Digital Asset Management software, focused on video and multilingual. Discover the new feaures and patches of the new version!

Downloading a video sequence

You want to find the excerpt of a video ? Keepeek now allows you to directly download a sequence of any video from the photo library.

Improved multi-language appearance *

You have a multi-language library and you do not always have time to index all languages correctly? Keepeek now allows you to apply your indexing to every language. This feature is very handy to avoid empty fields awaiting translation. It also allows to enter only once the information that are independent of the language (name of the photographer, product reference ...)


  • Inclusion of user rights during a search list.
  • Activating the context menu when right-clicking on a media displayed in list mode.
  • Taking into account the character * in the search engine.
  • Consideration of the color profile in the gallery of generation to avoid a "negative" mode display.
  • Full display of Internet Explorer buttons.
  • Simplification of the history of a media created from a movie.
  • Restructuring of user preferences related to languages and emails.
  • Addition of a use in the history of a media when generating an independent sequence.
  • DAM_Keepeek_Cordage_Picto_2

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