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Keepeek Version 3.7.12 is now available

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February 27, 2015
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keepeek version 3712 is now available

The new version of Keepeek has been successfully launched onto the Keepeek Cloud. Discover all the new functions of our digital asset management software in the very latest Version 3.7.12!

Media file versions

Your media library will grow and develop over time - and so it is important to be in a position to follow any changes made to your media by your employees. A new tab can now be displayed on the interface and shows administrators what changes have been made to a particular piece of media content and when. This means all versions of a piece of media can be saved and visualized with ease thanks to the updates and modifications in our new version.

Creating media without a file

This new function means that media can be created (or document notices) without having to associate them to a file. There are multiple interests to this solution. Are you waiting for a report, but would like to go ahead and start the indexing? Create your content without a file and enter the report information. This information can then be easily transferred to a report file at a later date. Do you have unnumbered assets? You can now create media without a file, index it and place in the DAM repertoire.

Basket sharing and mail illustration

Mail sent to those with whom you share your baskets now contains visuals of each element. In just the blink of an eye, and even before they access the basket, they are able to quickly identify any content of interest.

New API functions

From searching to exporting, take advantage of the new API functions. You can now filter your searches by file and target a specific type of media content. When exporting, you can consult file generation progress and validate conditions of use (if they exist). Finally, the administration interface now boasts a screen where an API usage token can be directly generated.


  • Display - new keywords and folders when a file is saved.
  • Display - screen displayed when media is sent via email on Chrome.
  • Face recognition in the search engine index.
  • Display - bylines of media lists in multi-lingual photo libraries.
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