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Les Compagnons du Devoir choose Keepeek as “companions”!

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May 26, 2015
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les compagnons du devoir choose Keepeek as companions

In 2014, Les Compagnons du Devoir called upon Keepeek to create a photograph library for their employees. The aim was to allow staff to have easy and rapid access to the company’s collection of visuals. Marie-Laure Gendron, Head of Internal Communication at Les Compagnons du Devoir and Tour de France, revealed in an interview with Keepeek the strategic role of developing such a library.

How were your photographic resources managed before implementing the DAM tool from Keepeek?

Originally, all photos linked to Les Compagnons du Devoir were managed by one person. This person had to complete all tasks manually and at the request of each employee. This work was extremely time consuming and so we thought about setting up a library which would be dedicated to photographic resources and accessible to all employees.

Who are the library contents aimed at?

Les Compagnons du Devoir today has a total of 1,200 employees throughout France. Given the complexity of this geographical distribution, we needed a tool that could be accessed by all our employees – we wanted each and every one of them to benefit from our rich photographic resources. The library is also accessible to people outside of the organization e.g. journalists. We are more than happy to provide them access to certain content for a specific duration of time.

Compagnons du devoir photographic resources hosted by Keepeek

What was your main selection criterion for the Digital Asset Management tool?

What we wanted more than anything was a tool that is intuitive and easy to handle. The Digital Asset Management solution by Keepeek completely met these criteria - it allows us to structure our content and archive it consistently. We really wanted this tool to be a way for all our employees to work together in a collaborative space and to make use of this reliable pool of information.

How did you manage to integrate the library into your current system?

The integration process was made possible through the recruitment of a dedicated person to Les Compagnons du Devoir to create the library. This person carried out the project from start to finish alongside several teams from Keepeek. Furthermore, Les Compagnons du Devoir employees were also asked to contribute to the completion of our customized indexing system. With a total of 9,992 pieces of media content, including 7,753 professional photos (metalworkers, plumbers, vineyard specialists, pastry chefs etc.) our library required intelligent indexing for the purposes of easy referencing.For further information on Les Compagnons du Devoir, please visit their website: https://www.compagnons-du-devoir.com/ An association (under Act 1901 of French law), Les Compagnons du Devoir offers a range of manual trades with 28 specificities. It offers a mentoring program via an intergenerational and mobile learning unit working in conjunction with the Tour de France. The association is also listed on the UNESCO Cultural Heritage list.


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