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[Plugin] Access your media directly in your Jahia CMS

April 18, 2024
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The Keepeek DAM has been designed to provide an effective response to the multimedia content management challenges faced by Marketing and Communications teams. For several years now, we have been developing a wide range of functions to make these processes more fluid.

Now, you can access your DAM directly from your everyday tools.

We're delighted to introduce you to the Keepicker, our latest integration to the Keepeek ecosystem!

Connect your Keepeek DAM to your Jahia CMS

To make it even easier for the teams in charge of your website to manage your visual content and integrate your media, we're releasing a new plugin for native integration with the Jahia CMS.

Jahia is a content management system (CMS) used to create and manage websites and portals for customers, employees and suppliers. Jahia is one of the most complete and accessible open source solutions on the market today, enabling companies to solve complex and multiple integration problems (multilingual, multisite, omnichannel) and to meet high conversion challenges.

Jahia's Digital Experience Platform can also be used to create personalised pathways, enabling you to fine-tune your visitors' intentions and visibly increase their level of engagement.

It is this quest for operational performance and improved user experience that has naturally led Keepeek and Jahia to contribute to the digital transformation of the same organisations in recent years, both in the private sector (Veolia and Eiffage) and the public sector (APEC, France Travail).

All your media just a click away in your content editor

Designed to optimise your work flow, the Keepicker allows you to quickly access Keepeek DAM photos, videos, PDF files and audio files from your everyday tools, eliminating the tedious steps of searching for media, downloading them, resizing them and then re-importing them into your content management tool.

Thanks to Keepicker, you can find your DAM's interface directly in your content editor.

You can access your media in just a few clicks and gain in productivity.

What's more, you can take advantage of our on-the-fly thumbnail generation tool, Dynameek, to integrate the right media in the right format and in the right place (discover the module in video).

Finally, the Single Sign-On guarantees a secure access and appropriate rights management.

Découvrez le Keepicker en vidéo

How can you easily integrate your DAM into your Jahia CMS?

Integrate he Keepicker into your tools with just a few lines of code. So you don't have to waste time and money developing your plugin.

Find the Keepicker in the Jahia App Store and on Github

In the Jahia App Store, you will find:

  • The definition of Keepeek Asset Content.
  • A React app: Keepeek Content Picker.

This application is a customised picker and is used to choose Keepeek media.

  • Light implementation of an External Data Provider (EDP) called Keepeek Asset Provider.

The Keepicker is compatible with Jahia version and earlier versions 8.1.x.x using at least Content-Editor 4.6.1.

Discover Keepeek today!

Test the application for free or get a demo!

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