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News about version 4.72 of Keepeek

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Export of a square image format

It is now possible to set an image export format with "square" dimensions (with a customizable background color for the borders).

Display of labels on the element edition tab

Until now, in the details of an element, the labels only appeared on the "preview" tab. From now on, they are visible in the "edition" tab

Added the possibility to list the file extensions compatible with an item

An API call allows to list the compatible extensions for a file type among the image, video, document, sound and other types.

[BETA] Add thumbnail links in Excel/CSV reports

It is now possible to configure excel and csv reports with links to the pre-generated formats of the items (original file, 1080/720p/480p video formats, WHR thumbnails, large...).

[BETA] Added list search mode in Advanced Search

It is now possible to enter important lists on a reference criterion in the advanced search.
Moreover, this criterion allows to find references that did not generate any result.

Attention: these functionalities are deployed in BETA version. This means that they are activated for a small number of our customers, meeting certain criteria, during a test phase. If you want to check your eligibility for these features, contact us at csm@keepeek.com

Corrections in the administration interface

Correction of some German translations
Login: 401 error at login if first or last name contains special characters
Cart sharing: Batch upload problem
Modified by" field was sometimes incorrectly filled in
Public sharing: Download via player KO if no 720p format
Hibernate bulk import bug

API correction

Robustness on 500 errors on API call

Incomplete file plan in a multi-group configuration: problem of rights resolution in case of multi-group in our recent new folder API path. Only took the rights of the first group of the user.

Date of availability of the version

The new version will be available on the Cloud on Thursday, April 21, 2022.


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