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Parisian Firefighter Services: an important mission for Keepeek

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November 5, 2011
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parisian fire services an important mission for keepeek

Digital photography has long been a strategic tool for the firefighters of Paris. With the aim of fire prevention, analysis and improving operations, photographic evidence is used on a daily basis. Such strategic information is organized according to three distinct functions and constitutes an impressive volume of over 7 TB of data. The entire collection is now gathered in one web tool – a tool whose robustness is now very well established: Keepeek 360°The Keepeek 360° software an essential professional app for the Parisian fire department – with it, the service is able to organize:

  • Operational photos: explanatory notices can summarize all technical information relating to each intervention by indexing visual evidence.
  • Celebratory photos: military ceremonies, command transfers, stripes, parades ... are now managed as a standard communication application.
  • ID photos are organized as a directory and centralize information concerning Parisian firefighters.

The multi-plug option from Keepeek 360° allows photographic information to be structured based on the diversity of managed visuals.Mission accomplished!!https://www.pompiersparis.fr/fr


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