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Keepeek news about the 4.36 release

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March 13, 2020
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Discover four ways we improved the bulk modification feature and other news for videos and statistics!

Evolutions in bulk modifications

Add information by batch is about to get more practical with several improvements!

- selected assets are displayed alongside the data window. By default, large thumbnails are provided. However, our support service can change that setting should you rather see small thumbnails.

- you may remove one or several assets directly from the batch processing screen! Useful should you have to remove an asset which do not belong in your selection.

- You are no longer required to go through the summary before launching your mass modification. When verification is not necessary, you may go through with the changes, saving one click every time!

- you may now display the asset summaries directly from the batch processing screen. This can be useful to verify the existing data before adding more.

Search on video length shorter than one minute

When searching, you already had the opportunity to search videos on a specific length range. However, it was not possible to search under one minute.

Short videos getting more and more common, you may now search on lengths shorter than a minute!

Referrer websites now logged in the statistics

Statistics provide more and more information for you to understand your users better! You can now access the referrer websites which provide DAM content through public sharing.

Filter your views or downloads to isolate the ones coming from referrer websites. This will help you understand user journeys and acquisition channels. You may thus note, for example, that an asset selection shared on one of your websites generated x downloads.

Video chapters now searchable

From this March release, you will be able to search on chapter titles. When you search for a term present in a chapter title, your video will appear among the search results.

Please note, should you have created chapters before this update, your DAM index will have to be regenerated for this feature to work. Please get in touch with your support service or your project manager for this operation.

Update date

The new release will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday, March 18!


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