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News about the 4.58 Keepeek release

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June 2, 2021
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Guide your contributors' data entry!

Provide input helpers to help your contributors fill in the appropriate data! You can now add a note for each field, adapted to the user's data language.

In the fields settings, you just have to enter the suitable text in the description field(s), available in one or more languages depending on the structure of your DAM:

Content added in 'Description' is displayed in the user's data language by hovering over the information icon that appears to the left of the field name. The information icon is only displayed if a description has been previously added.

View the length of videos and audio files directly on the thumbnails

The duration of videos and audio files are now visible in the thumbnails (large thumbnails only):

Password security evolution

When you set up a password renewal policy for your users, you can now prevent them from reusing a password among the last X passwords they have used (X being a configurable value).

Delete empty fields in information files

A new technical setting option is available to remove empty fields in information files.

Corrections in the administration interface

Bad management of commas in URL fields

URL fields were not interpreting commas correctly, sometimes splitting a URL in two. This bug has been corrected.

Error sending email if message too long

An error could sometimes occur when sharing a basket with a long message to the stakeholders.

Colorimetry problem of a custom format

A colorimetry problem could occur on CMYK images when exporting images with a watermark.

Disabling preloading on the video player

By default, video preloading is now disabled to avoid overloading network communications on video sharing mass uploads.

API correction

Problem of access to the basket after creation of a user

When creating a user via the API, the user did not have a basket created by default. This caused an error when calling the API to retrieve the baskets. This problem has been fixed.

Update date

The new version will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday, June 9th


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