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Special delivery: the DAM tool from Keepeek for TNT France

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July 21, 2015
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Special delivery the DAM tool from Keepeek for TNT France

In 2013, TNT France chose to use the Digital Asset Management tool from Keepeek. Malyka Benseghir, the Customer Communications Manager at TNT France, answers three questions and unveils the company aims behind acquiring an in-house library and how the team intends to use it.

What was the idea behind developing an in-house library? What were your main goals?

First, we wanted to enable our employees to easily access the videos, flash animations, sales literature, and movies they need both internally and externally. By becoming users of the library, they have acquired a certain degree of autonomy thanks to this approach. It now means they can properly convey the TNT brand to the outside world.A second objective that we identified concerned the reduced risk of loss of visual sources. Indeed, in archiving our media, our administrators have to manage a complete storage of all images.The final objective was to control the media. The recovery and use of company content and the monitoring of rights is guaranteed with this system.

Your library is specific to France TNT. Why did you make this choice?

Our library serves to assist our customers and our teams in France. Everything that relates specifically to TNT and TNT in France is centralized within the library. Our French colleagues have access to accurate information. This library is a complementary resource in terms of the media from our group. It is fed by photo reports we provide our communication agencies with in France.

A specific photo library for TNT France

What do you see trending in terms of library use?

The Marketing department manages the administration of the library. All TNT France departments are required to use the library – and so it really affects everyone within company. We still find that the commercial management teams (e.g. for presentations etc.) and the Human Resources department (for fairs, recruitment drives etc.) make significant use of our content. The pictures we store mean we can show our customers the reality of our business. These photos are truly representative of the brand. They symbolize TNT France. Thanks to the photographic library by Keepeek, our pictures act as guarantors of the image of our brand whether they are conveyed internally or externally. We have full control over them.TNT is the No. 1 express transportation company in France. With more than 50,000 corporate customers, nearly 390,000 delivered parcels each day. His level of transportation is ensured by a workforce consisting of 4,500 employees and a significant number of transportation links: 620 routes, 14 road platforms, approximately 4,200 pick-up points, 13 daily air connections and 5 aerial platforms.https://www.tnt.fr


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