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Taking the controls with the new version of Keepeek!

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November 19, 2014
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taking the controls with the new version of keepeek

The new version of the digital asset management software, Keepeek 360°, was launched on Friday, 14 November, 2014 on our Cloud. Version 3.7.10 brings with it a host of modifications and new functions. Discover what it has to offer now! Why wait? Take a look at the changes we've made from today!

Retouching image files on line

From colorimetry and rotation to re-framing and retouching online images while saving the originals on file.

Terms and conditions when downloading

Is your data subject to general terms and conditions of use? Keepeek allows users to accept terms and conditions when media is exported. This function completes the conditions mechanism.

Media duplication

Keepeek now allows you to duplicate media content. A file as well as all its indexation data can now be copied. Combined with the retouch function, this now means you can create variants for your images directly online.

Media expiration warnings

Until now, only DAM administrators have been warned in the event of imminent media expiration. Keepeek now alerts all users who have modified, exported or broadcast media content.

History and statistics enriched

From the back office or the portal, every access to a media content's detail is saved. This means you can have access to the statistics on media consultation. You can access this new information from the media history tab and the statistics module. The search engine in this module is also evolving, allowing results to be filtered according to the contributor.


  • Addition - internal field name control upon creation
  • Correction - obligatory field display, thesaurus, media INFORMATION files in read-only mode.
  • Correction - file size save upon importation on files more than 2.15 Gb.
  • Display - new status headlines of media details following updates.
  • Addition - “Reports (CSV, Excel)” button in the “Export” menu in baskets.
  • Modification - color change in the batch treatment recap so that they are more visible on a lighter background.
  • Save - media image indexing history and facial deletion.
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