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Ville d’Argenteuil selects Keepeek

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March 17, 2012
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Ville d Argenteuil selects Keepeek

Ville d’Argenteuil offers a website rich in multimedia resources. Recognized for its commitment to new technologies, Ville d’Argenteuil highlights photos, videos and posters through this next generation website. A wealth of information for visitors and citizens!

All these digital resources are the subject of an intensive creative work and production on the part of municipal services, in particular communication service. For the city hall, it had become fundamental to have a photolibrary management tool to organize all those digital files. The choice fell on Keepeek 360. A clear, professional and economically right offer, quickly convinced all services. The stakes are high. Over 500 GB of documents, photos and videos are organized in thematic folders of the tool. Keepeek cloud infrastructure robustness is a major asset to ensure the sustainability of these precious files.

Within days, thanks to the active participation of the city hall and Keepeek teams, these files have been imported on the server to be available on-line. Keepeek also played a documentary advisory role to define the classification rules and the most appropriate documentary notes.


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