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News about the 4.70 Keepeek release

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March 1, 2022
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Delete baskets by batch

In the administration interface, it is now possible to delete several baskets at once. Standard users will be able to delete the baskets they own and leave the collaborative sharing of others. For administrators, this is an efficient tool that will allow them to clean up all obsolete baskets.

Evolution of the change of owner functionality

The functionality to change the owner of a basket has been improved following feedback from our users.

Evolution of the grid view saving

In the administration interface, it is now possible to modify and rename an already saved "Grid" view.

Corrections in the administration interface

When deleting a record field, the text of the notification has been modified to reinforce the message of the impact of the action.

The csv exports of thesaurus terms containing the character "/" are more robust and do not generate column shifts anymore.

The owner of a basket was still declared as being part of the share and appeared as a duplicate, despite the owner change. This is now corrected.

From now on, no matter what method is used to remove a thesaurus term, the automatic indexing is complete.

The "Other options" and "Reviews" basket filters no longer disappear when the browser width is reduced.

In the interface for managing the terms of the drop-down lists, the bug of displaying the numbers of terms from 100 is now fixed.

API fixes

Previously, the folder search added in the API in 4.69 had a rights resolution error. Now the user correctly accesses the folders and subfolders to which he has the right.

Date of availability of the version

The new version will be available on the Cloud from Friday, March 11, 2022.


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