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www.Muzéo.com : a meeting of minds - DAM and e-commerce

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June 16, 2014
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Muzéo specializes in images and printing on any media format and is a leader in the French market in the field of artwork reproduction sites. The Muzéo.fr site is the flagship of this new strategy. In order to feed this rich website with more than 100,000 videos, the digital asset management software from Keepeek was integrated into the e-commerce processes. Let us take a look at the key elements of this innovative system...

A wealth of content

www muzeo com a big amount of content

Users can browse, search and select the video of their choice from a total of over 100,000 references: paintings, posters, illustrations, maps or manuscripts – there really is an incredibly wide range of formats in compliance with all copyright, available for printing.

Keepeek at the center of the filing process

www muzeo com the Keepeek DAM at the heart of classification processes

To manage this number of digital images, Muzéo called upon the DAM solution from Keepeek. The hundreds of thousands of image files are organized and indexed in the media management tool before being added to the e-commerce site. All metadata used in the Muzéo search engine is initially indexed in Keepeek. This metadata is significant in terms of quantity. Accurate indexing must be provided for each piece of work in order for the search engine to be effective. Each manual contains descriptions of more than 60 fields. This includes information on the work, style or era but also its author. Legal information also plays an important role. Where there is a doubt concerning copyright, publication is automatically blocked.

Automated supply via OAI

www muzeo com automized supply via OAI

These digitized works come from a range of very different sources. Providers include the RMN (national museums network) and the BNF (national French library). They supply the Keepeek database with content which is then filtered and refined by MUZÉO employees. This process relies on the standardized OAI protocol. Stock supplies of different vendors are regularly harvested in order to add new works and their corresponding digital files to the collection. This process was already successfully used during the initialization process of the database. The OAI harvesting module from Keepeek facilitated integration with all systems and allowed Muzéo to recover hundreds of thousands of files within just a few weeks.

Selective dissemination via Web services

www muzeo com a selective distribution via webservices

The Keepeek DAM system is a repository of digitized works. It supplies the e-commerce website, Muzéo.fr, on a daily basis and enriches it with new works and/or updates. This site is developed with Drupal technology. Technical integration is based on the API Web services from Keepeek. The site automatically queries the Drupal platform and recovers any new Keepeek data in JSON format. The data also contain the physical locations of scanned documents that are copied to the sales web server. This automated process ensures perfect synchronization between the Keepeek database and the Muzéo.fr site.


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