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Learn all you need to know about the 4.29 Keepeek release

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August 29, 2019
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Trash it!

The recycle bin, until now reserved to admins, is now accessible to all users, who can find items they deleted, even from the upload wall or the collaborative features ! Restore items more easily and filter the bin content to find your assets.

Managers can access in the bin all the content deleted from the folders they manage.

Let's start over

You have just touched up fifteen photos in Photoshop? You no longer need to replace the files one by one, Keepeek now offers substitutions by batch! Available for all types of media, of course.

New in the touch-up feature

You can now find a mirror effect to mirror pictures either vertically or horizontally.

Before, you could only touch up original formats. Now you can also touch up a custom format!

New display options

When changing data by batch, you can now choose which information is displayed under the thumbnails.

In the search results, access directly a specific page by just typing its number.

Authorize user suggestions for thesaurus fields

Your thesaurus fields are either entirely closed to suggestions or, on the contrary, open (new terms are then added to the 'Candidates' branch). Now you may change this setting at any time!

Release date

The 4.29 will be released on the Cloud on Tuesday, September 3.

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