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Log in Keepeek with your company credentials

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July 30, 2020
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Keepeek is compliant with most Single Sign On (SSO) solutions. If your company has an internal directory to manage user accounts, Keepeek can connect to it to avoid users having to log in the DAM with specific credentials.

With an SSO integration, your DAM users can log in the back end or the front end, with their company credentials.

Many advantages

You guarantee the security of your assets. By using the active directory, you remove any possibility for a former employee or provider to access the DAM, as their account have already been deactivated or deleted by HR.

You are free from the hassle of managing accreditations for internal users: if your SSO allows it, some data (the user's department, for example) can be used to direct the user to a specific group with appropriate authorizations.

Users save a precious time, connecting to the DAM in just one click instead of having to type their login/password. Moreover, they no longer have to fill a registration form: they can access the DAM immediately! Only external unreferenced users have to go through the registration process.

Last but not least, you are free from handling user requests for lost passwords.



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