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Documents linked to assets: store your contracts directly into your DAM platform

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February 13, 2020
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The Keepeek DAM (Digital Asset Management) has been created to centralize and disseminate all your assets. But the solution goes further, by providing a feature to easily link all the documents related to your assets.

Asset rights management

The Keepeek links module has been developed to efficiently manage contracts and more generally speaking all documents relating to your photos, videos, print or web assets, for example:

- model release

- property release

- contract ofphotographers, agencies or directors

- music rights forvideo or audio files

Easier access to contracts

With links, you can associate a set of images to the photographer's contract, for example, but also to the contract of the model in the photos. Therefore, should you want to reuse an image after the model rights have expired, you can find the contract in a flash. You can then access all the information necessary to renegotiate the rights.

Verification of asset reproduction rights

Your users can quickly verify that their intended use of the asset is authorised. They can check to ensure that they are allowed to use the asset within the time frame, area and for the medium required, without any risk. Because users can control rights very quickly beforehand, you reduce the risk of unauthorised use of your assets.

When producing advertising films, you usually manage the rights of the director, but usually also the rights to the music, the people acting in the film and sometimes even the rights of the monuments or works of art visible!

All these documents may have different expiration dates, and even different media and areas covered by usage rights. It's a real conundrum to find your way around... With the grid display mode, you can view all this information consolidated on the same screen.

Because you can create several types of links in Keepeek, you can also link assets from the same campaigns or any other unit relevant to your use.

Discover this feature in more detail or contact us for an online demo!


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