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Lead the way with the 4.30 Keepeek release

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October 2, 2019
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Offer preset workflows to your user groups

You have implemented validation or project workflows but they are not really followed? Keepeek now offers the possibility to share workflow templates to specific users or entire user groups. In three clicks, they can generate a workflow with all the steps and the corresponding people in charge that YOU defined! You need to change who is responsible for a step? Change it on the template and all users benefit from the change immediately!

Create a sheet from the links tab

How to efficiently manage your assets with all the associated contracts? With the new release, create usage rights sheets directly from the links tab! You no longer need to create the sheet beforehand and link it to your asset using the clipboard! Your usage rights sheets can even be filed automatically in a specific preset folder.

Foster interactions with the new discussions threads

You already knew how to comment on assets in our collaborative tools (baskets, boards, workflows). The comments have become more ergonomic with discussion threads to gather conversations on the same topic. You may also edit your comments!

Delegate tasks for specific folders

Some subfolders in your folder tree are managed by others? In this new release, alerts and download requests can be directly addressed to them while you keep control over the rest. Good teamwork!

A new kid on the block: the item list widget!

On your user portal, put the spotlight on specific content!

Using the sorting criteria (new assets, most viewed items, most downloaded assets, etc.) display specific assets on the homepage. You need a 'Latest assets' section and a 'News' one? No worries, the widget can be used several times!

Release date

The new release will be available on the Cloud from Tuesday, October 1st in the evening !


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