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A new version for a new year

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January 10, 2015
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a new version for a new year

The entire team at Keepeek would like to wish you all the very best for the new year - long may our partnership continue. Version 3.7.11 of Keepeek was put online on Friday evening by our team in what can only be described as very particular circumstances.
Thomas Larzillière

Excel exports

In version 3.7.9, we announced the availability of an Excel export function - including images. From now on, the setup for these formats is available directly from the administration interface, making the function entirely autonomous.

Password security

Do you want to limit the number of password attempts in order to maximize security in terms of access to your DAM? You can now indicate the maximum number of attempts before the user's account is locked. Reactivating the account would require the generation of a new password. Please speak to your contact if you wish to take advantage of this new function at no extra charge.

The image editor just got a whole lot better

Version 3.7.10 boasted the possibility of implementing an online image retouch function. In Version 3.7.11, the image editor has become even more ergonomic and allows users to re-frame and resize photos more easily.

Video subtitle management

We can now offer you the possibility of managing your sub-titling files directly in your media center. You can generate and link these files, in SRT format, to the video of your choosing. These will then be automatically recognized in the Keepeek integrated reader. Are your users based internationally? Is your media center multi-lingual? This function means you can publish your videos in different languages (subtitled) from a single file source! Please speak to your contact if you wish to take advantage of this new function at no extra charge.

Portal report requests

By implementing Keepeek, you have placed your culturally relevant data and your users at the very center of your organization. The various possible interactions within your media center and the presence of a number of collaborative functions will enable you to host your community and garner interest. In the latest version, your users will have the possibility of ordering reports (directly from the user portal) on specific themes and events. Please speak to your contact if you wish to be shown how to use this new function.

Contribution notification (from the portal)

For those portals with contribution modules, administrators can now be informed by email when a user adds a new file to Keepeek. The administrator can also immediately check and monitor the content and validate prior to publication. The content of your portal has never been so dynamic! Please speak to your contact if you wish to take advantage of this new function.

API RESTful – Advanced Search

In Version 3.7.11, API has enriched its content with the launch of its Advanced Search option. This means you can now perform a textual search in all fields or in a dedicated field. You can now filter by date or by file. For each search, you can scroll through the results and collect the corresponding results. You then choose further options in order to refine your search.


  • Correction - processing videos without extensions.
  • Correction - number of media files available in a basket.
  • Correction - displaying values for tick boxes in faceting.
  • Modification - time interval by default in the statistics search engine.
  • Limitation - export file dimensions.
  • Correction - full size display of video permalinks in Internet Explorer.
  • Modification - display types in alphabetical order in the statistics search engine for all media usage.
  • Correction - display search tabs when a "Size" field is integrated.
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