The new version 3.7.14 from Keepeek is launched today

April 24, 2015
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the new version 3714 from keepeek is launched today

To bring a perfect end to the month of April, today our teams successfully launched the new 360° version of our digital asset management software on the Keepeek Standard Cloud. It will be available on our Keepeek Premium Cloud from Thursday, 30 April, 2015. Discover all the new functions and correction of our latest version here:

Keepeek and the Adobe suite *

Keepeek invited in the Adobe suite

EAs a Photoshop user, why not make the most of our new plugin? Recover the image files you wish to edit without having to connect to the Keepeek interface. Graphic designers can now save precious time by searching for the files they need directly from their favorite editing tool.

Media action customization *

Version 3.7.4 from Keepeek made pre-saved actions available to the user. These allowed you to apply a series of customized treatments to all media within a folder. This function has further evolved and can now be found integrated into the media contextual menus. You can now select, from a folder view, the media results of a search (or even basket) on which all customized action should be completed. It is also possible to apply a chain of functions to a group of media content. For example, you can duplicate a batch of data and move all newly created media into a folder. Recurrent manipulations become much easier and quicker to complete.

Search by reference

Since the launch of Version 3.7.7., Keepeek had offered users a new type of search mode: search by reference. This allows you, in just a few seconds, to find all results associated with a list of references. It also informs you of those references which did not lead to a search result. This search option, now combined with the power of faceting, can be refined through dynamic filtering.

Saving FTP settings when exporting

When sending media via FTP, it can be time-consuming to always have to enter the same information (platform address, user name and password). Because of this, Keepeek now allows you to save the different FTP accounts you use. They will be editable directly from your user preferences.

The API is in progressing on a continual basis

The API has entered a new development phase. Until recently, you have only been permitted to consult information. However, from now on, you will be able to update media data. Entry fields, folders, statuses, and annotations can also be easily modified.

Evolution of the responsive user portal *

Evolution of Keepeek user portal

As announced with our last update, Keepeek has updated a new web design responsive portal, which will allow you to have a more fluid user experience whatever search engine you use. A range of new functions have been made available. You can now manage several baskets. As with the back office, it is now possible to save several media selections. The editorial power of this new generation of portal will allow you to freely administer the content of your welcome page and also the online help section, legal notices, FAQ and the display message when a search yields no results. You can now help the user complete much more effective searches. Finally, it is now possible to disseminate media content on social networks using the detail option only.


  • Deletion - the company and role of the user following the name in the account modification notifications.
  • Correction - task generation thumbnails in Chrome.
  • Correction - Batch processing according to diffusion levels.
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