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Agile and flexible: the Rocher Group's conditions for the success of its DAM

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June 9, 2017
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Episode2: What were the business and IT concerns of the Rocher Group?

Were there any key points of concern discovered during the project?

We paid special attention to the issue of data recovery. The documentation structure can vary significantly from one brand to the next. We had to do a fairly complex data mapping job. This convergence task is both analytical (defining the target) and technical (migrating the data).

The recovery of existing media provides a good opportunity to clean up its data. It is therefore a matter of finding strategies "to weed out" the unnecessary elements and to keep only what is essential. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of files, so we must focus on automatic solutions and avoid manual tasks as much as possible. We also had to manage the recovery of contracts regarding image rights which required that we rethink how the various contents were linked.

Finally, the organization of the recovery was a real topic of discussion. Business doesn't stop and it wasn't possible to immobilize the existing resources during the migration.

Given that the migration of a base lasts several weeks, we proceeded in 2 stages, for each brand:

– Recovery of the multimedia content at the beginning of the recovery phase

– Recovery of all updates at the time of the update

Who are the main users of the Rocher Group's brand platform?

Since we are making MyMedia a repository of multimedia content for our brands, it is important to manage its content and users. Thus, a "guardian of the temple" for each brand, the designated "brand administrator", manages the rights of users and ensures consistent content organization.

Three other big categories of users were identified:

–The internal contributors: they will upload, index and publish new content. Within a brand, they can be found in central communications and country communications.

– The internal consumers: they come to search through the media for commercial operations such as mail order sales, retailing or Email marketing, or to supply content to Websites, etc...

–External users: advertising agencies, printers, DTP studios and other entities that need brand visuals.

What types of content are eligible for the MyMedia database?

All digital assets and brand communication are likely to be integrated into MyMedia.

These include the following:

–Brand and product communication: the communication database hosts brand charters or documents 


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