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Bpifrance supports Keepeek for innovation development

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March 2, 2016
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Bpifrance supports Keepeek

Today, Keepeek wants to accelerate its development through the establishment of a global marketing services offer to cover all the business processes of marketing and corporate communication. In order to address Digital Asset Management related markets and invest in research and development, Keepeek is supported in this process by Bpifrance.

From Digital Asset Management to a global marketing collaborative platform

Historically positioned in the Digital Asset Management market, Keepeek solutions changed with the developments that have animated the sector in recent years. In this way, Keepeek invested in DAM related markets in 2014 : the Brand Asset Management, dedicated to the management of the brand image and the Product Asset Management, dedicated to the industrialization of the product pictures.

Today, the flexibility of Keepeek technological solution allows to address two other global markets: market share of Product Information Management and Marketing Content Management market. Complementary to Digital Asset Management, they together constitute a enterprise marketing content global market.

It is with the support of Bpifrance that Keepeek will approach these two markets estimated at several hundred million euros in France.

An investment project in line with the needs of marketing entities

Highly acclaimed by Keepeek customers, this global marketing platform project aims to break with the pyramidal process of organizing and promoting the cross-cutting and the collaborative. Integrations and tedious and expensive project pipelines are thus avoided and managing all marketing content businesses is optimized.

The ROI-oriented approach of this next universal solution convinced Bpifrance and is already supported by several customers.


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